The sustainability and energetic efficiency of Roca products have always been the cornerstones of the company’s worldwide strategy, either through sustainable technologies (which lead to the development of water and energy saving solutions) or sustainable production processes (integrating respect for the environment into all production processes, product development and social activities of the company).

Of the many products developed with sustainable and energy efficiency criteria we point out:

  • W+W – a product that defines a whole new class in sanitary ware: wash basin and water closet fused into a single piece. This double-use unit allows water from the basin to be reused by storing it in the toilet’s water tank after being filtered. A sustainable suggestion that enables the double use of water and has been awarded several design and sustainability awards.
  • Flush Free Urinal – a new urinal concept that does not require neither water nor electricity to operate. Its innovative system employs a lemon-scented, odour-supressing cartridge that prevents water and energy from being wasted. The cartridge can be easily replaced after 6000 cycles.
  • Cold Start System – an innovative cold-opening system for faucets. The handle has a lock that prevents it from opening on the right side in order to always open on a cold temperature setting. By rotating the handle to the left side you can gradually obtain hot water. In this way it is not only possible to save water but energy as well since the water heater is prevented from firing up without need.

Aware of the need for sustainable development, Roca has been launching environmentally friendly products ever since the 1960’s when the issue of environmental threats first began to take shape.

This involvement in environmental causes resulted in the creation, in 2010, of the We Are Water Foundation ( which has had a prominent role in educating and raising awareness to the value of the sustainable use of water. The Foundation has endorsed projects by local and international NGOs in areas with difficult access to hydric resources.



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