BANEMA is a company dedicated to the commercialization of wood and its derivatives for architecture and construction, always aiming to be an engine of development, through innovation, respect for the environment and sustainable development, with emphasis in the following products:

Bamboo Deck due to its characteristics, Bamboo is a plant that allows an environmentally responsible exploration while ensures the sustainability of the ecosystem. MOSO bamboo has raw material certified by FSC and it’s certified with zero emission of CO2, being an alternative to wood.

Kebonyis a type of wood modified by impregnation of a biodegradable liquid not harmful to the environment. Kebony is certified by FSC and PEFC and has improved properties: it is more stable, tougher and more durable. Due to the substantial increase of the life cycle, this product holds up to seven times more CO2 than untreated wood of the same species.

ThermowoodThermowood timber is subjected to a patented treatment with moisture and temperature, enabling it to acquire a set of properties such as: higher insulating and hygienic capacity, greater stability and increased durability. The looks of exotic wood that results from the treatment, allows it to transform environments, providing simplicity and beauty, either inside or outside.






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4589-907 Astromil – Paredes


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