Argex expanded clay is a natural product, durable, non-combustible and inert. It doesn’t decompose, rot or is attacked by rodents or insects. Its use reduces load structure and contributes to a significant saving on materials. Because of its internal porosity, the aggregate has important qualities for thermal and acoustic insulation.
Located in Aveiro, the Argex’s production unit of expanded clay holds the ISO 14001 environmental certification and was the first company in the sector to receive the EMAS registration certificate, having this way been recognized for their commitment to take on environmental responsibilities far beyond compliance applicable by law.
Argex is integrated in the Preceram Group.




Zona Industrial de Bustos Azurveira

3770-011 Bustos, Aveiro I PORTUGAL

Telf+351 234 751 533 | Fax +351 234 751 534

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